Not much to say about this game from an analysis perspecrtive that hasn’t already been said…everywhere. The key to the game is obviously our Defense, specifically the pass rush. Really has to show up to keep this game comfortable. But, because Pats Ravens is ALWAYS drama, I’m expecting a squeaker…at least for most of it.

I want this game so badly. I want another Super Bowl even worse. So pumped up to witness the Ray Lewis Retirement Party. And I personally want to go to New Orleans in 2 weeks.

Obviously I’m nervous for this one. About as nervous as you can get. But, I’m so confident in this defense that was gifted to us by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Aqib Talib. I’m so confident in Tom. I’m not even all that worried about Gronk being out. Gronk makes us infinitely better. But not having him doesn’t make us THAT much worse on offense.

Say your Pats Prayers tonight. We need to outshoot Retirement Ray Lewis on that front.


Take. Care. Of. Business.

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The path has been laid. The road to the SuperDome goes through Foxboro. I don’t need to get into the choke job that Manning coughed up yesterday. He’s 9-11 in the playoffs. Below .500. What a horsehead joke.

Things to watch for today:

-It will be interesting to see if Talib mirrors AJ again. I think that’s the right idea.

-How powerful is the pass rush? Is the real Chandler Jones back? Is Ninkovich ok? Will they play Trevor Scott (beast) more?

-How to the LB’s (Spikes more than others) hold up in pass coverage, specifically against Houstons TE’s and when Foster releases.

-Gronks Arm.

-Brandon Lloyds targets.

-How the line handles Watt. Week 14 was about as good as it can get with handling him, so anything close will be great.



Lets go.

The Road Ahead…

Well here’s your commentary from Sunday night. I have to say this one really has been getting to me. Per usual, Tom bailed out the general remainder of the 53 man roster (and the coaching staff), with a few exceptions (Brandon Lloyd, Danny Woodhead, I guess maybe Aqib Talib). He brought us back from 28-down in about 15 real-life minutes. And then the special teams crapped their pants, again, per usual. So, we lost, to a top-5 defense and some fool who was playing QB in the dynamo that is the Mountain West conference last year.

So now we’re pretty much locked into the 3 seed, barring a miracle or two, and we get to play on wildcard weekend (probably our only home playoff game). Heres how I see it playing out:

3 seed-> play the Bengals/Steelers at Foxboro on the weekend of January 6th. No bye week. NONE!

-> Win. (knock on wood) Play Denver in Denver the following weekend.

-> Win. (Please) Play Houston in Houston the following weekend.

-> Win. (PLEASE) Superbowl 2 weeks later for a rematch with the 9ers/Seahawks/Maybe RG3

Or…we could tank one of the next two games, assuming the Ravens win this weekend, and aim for the 4 seed. We’d play the Colts in a rematch in Foxboro on wildcard weekend, then potentially play the Texans in Houston on Divisional weekend for a chance to likely play Denver in Denver for the AFC Championship game.

Personally, I’m a fan of the tanking route. This will also protect our health, which is huge without the bye week.

Bottom line is we pretty much screwed ourselves out of the bye week. But as everybody has been saying, 5 of the past 7 superbowls have had at least one participant who played on Wildcard Weekend. Go Team!?


The Texans Have Cute Lettermans



Awwww! These are cute! You guys heading down to the pep rally for some hot cocoa tonight? Antonio Smith looks like a straight up goofy booby miles.

End of the day these are actually pretty fresh. I’d rock the shit out of one of those. Also at the end of the day, hopefully those jackets keep you warm when you get bounced from the playoffs in the first round again.

Starting to get fired up for this game. Haven’t gotten fired up since Baltimore really. Lets go! Vivian Brady, I see you!